Question Why does my PC freeze when connecting to hotspot?


Oct 7, 2016
Computer specs:

X470 Aorus Gaming 7 Wifi
Ryzen 7 2700X
BIOS version F8
TridentZ GSkill 16GBs 3600MHz (manually timed and downclocked to 3400MHz because Ryzen can't handle it even though its the correct Samsung die-type)
R9 390X GPU with the latest AMD driver 20.10.1
1000Watt EVGA Gold PSU
NZXT AIO Cooler with the LED screen receiving power from the mobo USB 3.0 and NZXT Cam software installed on Windows 10.

My computer is freezing more and more frequently as the months go by, and it's getting worse. At first I thought it was my manually clocked DRAM, so I set that to the default 2100MHz that Gigabyte BIOS likes to do, but still my computer keeps freezing whenever I turn Hotspot on with my phone. If I tether the internet by connecting my phone to my desktop via USB everything runs fine, but using the Wifi feature on Windows 10 with the Hotspot feature of my Samsung Galaxy S8 instantly freezes my desktop forcing me to hit the reset button on my computer. There is no response from the keyboard or mouse when the freezing occurs. It is just dead in the water.

Once the computer is reset, I have about a 50/50 chance that the computer will let me use the HotSpot for internet or else it will freeze again for a second time. Is the motherboard defective? For a while I ignored it and just turned on Wifi before turning on my desktop, but it's getting more frequent and more consistent. Any help or suggestions would be wonderful. I've already ruled out the DRAM as I've ran MEMTEST86 multiple times for hours at a time and there has been no errors. It has to be something with the wifi device built into the X470. I've rolled back the drivers. Redownloaded the newest drivers from Gigayte's website, completely uninstalled and reinstalled the wifi drivers and still no luck. Any suggestions would be so appreciated. Thanks in advance.