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Question Why does my PC keep tabbing in and out of tabs?


Dec 28, 2018
I was playing a game when i pressed a combination of buttons then an error noise sounds, suddenly my keyboard keeps cutting out and my mouse pointer gets stuck and it's movement gets inverted.

I tested this with notepad and i noticed that it selects and deselects tab in a pattern. When the tab is unselected it's visible on my screen but i can't type on it until i click the tab again.
I've reset my PC thrice but the problem keeps arising. I've checked task manager and it doesn't seem like a process is causing it. Anyone know how to fix this?

Edit: I'm not sure if it's linked but when i full screen chrome the task bar disappears.
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The issue is likely to be the combination of buttons being used.

For example:


You need to determine exactly what key combinations and/or mouse buttons cause the problem behaviors.

Then you can perhaps change the end behavior, or remap the keys.

Especially if the keyboard/mouse has related software to do so.

Windows also has a number controllable gaming functions via

"WIN" + "I" > "Gaming" and "Ease of Access".

And do not forget the game - if the game includes some customized key press combinations that duplicate other native key press combinations then the end results of the key presses are likely to be bizarre.
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