Question Why does my phone keep disconnecting from my audio cable?


Jun 25, 2014
Since I don't have a dual monitor setup, I'm trying to use my phone as a secondary monitor. It may sound like a stupid setup, but my basic goal is to play a video on my phone so that I can watch it while I game and do other things on my PC. I previously attempted this setup using my older Samsung Galaxy S4, but the audio had a lot of noise because the audio jack was damaged.

Now that I got a Samsung Galaxy A50 running Android 9, I figured I'd give it another try.

The basic setup is this. I connect a TRS 3.5m male to male audio cable to the audio output jack on my phone and the audio input jack on my PC. Then, I connect my headphones to the audio output jack of my PC. Then, in the Sound Control Panel on my PC settings, I check the "Listen to this device" option under my microphone. The audio from my phone then gets routed to my computer and it plays through my headphones along with the regular computer audio.

It works flawlessly... for a while. If I pause the video, there is a pop noise. If I take longer than 3 seconds to resume the video, there's a second pop noise and my phone ignores the audio jack. The sound then goes through the phone's speakers as if the jack isn't even plugged in. The only way to get the audio back is unplug the end of the audio cable that's connected to my PC (specifically has to be that end) and plug it back in. I've tried reversing the ends of the cables, but that doesn't make a difference.

Nothing on my PC appears to change. The Sound Control Panel still shows the "microphone" is plugged in. It's just that the phone doesn't appear to detect it anymore.

I also trying the audio input port on the rear of my PC to make sure that it wasn't just an issue connecting to the front microphone port, but that had the same issue.

I'm wondering if it's a setting on either end that's causing the issue or maybe it's just an impossible setup. Any ideas?
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