Question Why does my Realtek High Definition audio manager make no output?


Feb 13, 2017
I am very desperate :/
I purchased the RIG 500 Pro gaming headset as the first peripheral I could afford since forever. The main reason I got it was to use the mic to talk to my old friends. However, while the audio works fine the microphone does not pick up any sound at all.

I've been trying to fix it for a whole day now and it's 3:26 so this is my last resort. I will provide as much info as I can. Please please please help me figure this out.

I have tried the following:
-making sure my privacy settings are not blocking the mic usage.
-reinstalling drivers in many different ways.
-restarting computer
-using the jacks at the back of my PC instead of the ones at the back of my monitor.
-connecting my cable straight to the mic port instead of through the splitter.

my current setup that im trying to pull off is this: the headset connects to a splitter that connects to the back of my monitor. My monitor connects with a display cable to my graphics card. Keep in mind that connecting the headset to the splitter and then to the motherboard does not help.

Right now, the headset works if I select my monitor as the speaker device. So when I select my monitor, my headset which is connected to the monitor makes sound. Note that this device is under "NVIDIA high definition audio". Now, if I try to use the headset device under "Realtek High Definition audio" then no sound at all comes out... running a test indicates that a sound is being made but there is no physical sound. I have tried all the combinations of the checkmarks in the realtek audio manager such as "Display front panel jack detection" and "Mute the rear output device..." etc. The headset 100% works on my laptop.

Here are my specs:
Motherboard: MSI Z270 PC MATE
Graphics card: ASUS GTX 1070
CPU: intel i5 7600k
Monitor: AOC 1080p 75Hz

Thank you so much for your help