Why does my rig cant keep good fps in wow?


Sep 29, 2011
Hello mates,
i was wondering why my rig cnt handle wow my rig is;
Mobo; gigabyte 990fx ud7
ramm; corsair vengance 4gb 2x
GPU; msi radeon 6850 oc version 1gb
psu; antec high current gamer 750w
monitor; 1440x900

last night i was in a 25m raid, at boss fights had 12fps with good settings, hope theres wow players out there that can help, ty in advance



The 6850 is simply not up to par handling all the effects. Nvidia cards would be able to handle things better.
You can obviously tweak the settings to increase the framerates but other than that you need more juice from the GPU.

Your CPU is not listed but i assume you have a quad core CPU, so that shouldn't be an issue.


Adding another card in crossfire will obviously increase performance.

Your build seems insane overkill motherboard wise, on your initial build might have been wise to spend ALOT less on the motherboard, and more on the GPU :p

Pretty sure the UD7 can handle 3 maybe even 4 way crossfire.


Well if you are running 6850 Crossfire, that of course should be able to run things well, but oddly enough with WoW that is not the case.
It does not scale well at all with Crossfire, slightly better with SLI, but all in all for WoW a single powerful card is much better than Crossfire or SLI.


Sep 29, 2011
ouch, this means theres no other way but to change to gtx xxx gpu's? my frend irl is running wow with sli gtx460 and he has 120fps in 10man raids. so my option is tochange gpu or xfire my gpu 6850 oc
I run a much older system on max (Except shadows) and get better frames than you,
Nvidia gpu's do seem to perform better for WoW (I have a single Sapphire 5770)
Crossfire wont help you much if at all http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/917652-WoW-doesn-t-support-Crossfire-or-SLI
set your wtf config file to use a couple more cores, lose unnecessary (imo) effects like shadows and sunshafts, and doublecheck your net has ivp6 unchecked (in Wow settings)

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Jun 15, 2010
Everyone keeps pimping the 560ti. Cheapest 560ti I found was $230 on newegg.
For the same price you can get a 6950.

But a 6850 should run WoW just fine. I ran it with a lot less.
Do some obvious testing. Read the forums. Manually change to DX11.
I found leaving all video settings on max EXCEPT shadows helped a ton.


Oct 26, 2010
I've convinced 2 of my friends to buy the ATI Radeon HD 4850, one bought the 512mb version, the other bought the 1gb version.

I own a GTX260 myself and all 3 of us can play at Ultra, however these settings are preffered:

Displaymode: Windowed (Fullscreen)
Resolution: (your highest)
Multisampling/AA: 4x
Vertical Sync: Disabled
Texture Resolution: High
Shadow Quality: Good
Texture Filtering: Trilinear
Liquid Detail: Ultra
Projected Textures: Enabled
Sunshafts: High
Partical Density: Ultra
View Distance: Ultra
Environment Detail: High
Ground Clutter: High or Ultra (I think Ultra is a little much)

Triple Buffering: Disabled
Reduce Input Lag: Disabled
Hardware Cursor: Enabled
Graphics API: DirectX 9 (DirectX 11 if your card FULLY supports it)

I find these settings to give the best graphic to performance ratio.
the HD 6850 is an amazing card you shouldn't ever see anything below 25fps even in the most demanding situations, I've recently done a 80 man raid on Orgrimmar where so many spells was being cast the floor was coated in a white glow and even then the game wouldn't drop below 25fps :S

If you are still having problems, I recommend completetly uninstalling your Graphics Drivers and downloading the AMD Catalyst Drivers again.

I hope your problem gets sorted, I would be so dissapointed in your shoes. Goodluck!



560Ti out performs a 6950 in anything up to 1920x1080 resolution across most games. It will also over-clock very very well. Even when pushing the higher resolutions your looking at a more expensive 2GB version of the 6950 in order to support the higher res so price vs. performance is fairly "lost". At 1920x1080 they are very evenly matched with only a few FPS separating them usually. Nvidia cards just seem to have a reputation for better performance than AMD across a few popular games. WoW apparently in particular.

Gigabyte GTX 560Ti was recently $205 after rebate on NewEgg, undercutting the 6950 by a fair margin.



Please be aware that another factor is your connection to the WoW server. Not just your ISP supplied bandwidth (often confused by calling it speed). Then there is the internet routing to the server which neither you nor the ISP has and control over. High latency (often measured by what is called ping) will cause the drop out also. The connection parameters are dynamic (they fluctuate over time) so you could be doing just fine in one area and move into the raid and it goes down hill.