Question Why does my screen keep going black "losing signal".

Jan 7, 2021
So my pc in the past ended up just going black, it'd turn on and fans would go but the screen remained black "on all monitors/hdmi" so I took it to a repair shop "A+ computers" a small business, they took several weeks but ended up figuring out the graphics card was the issue, got a new one and boom I could see things. But very soon after I started realizing issues again, ranging from hissing to popping to my pc completely freezing. The hissing seems to have slowly gone away but recently it started getting worse in the matter of I get screen tearing no matter what I'm doing and constant stutters "no matter the hertz" and then just yesterday my pc turned black for a second "all but reminding me of the former issue" and I thought this wasn't serious and wouldn't happen again but nonetheless I turned my pc off and ignored it for 10 or so hours. That's all fine but when I woke up the next day "today" I got on did a few things and after about an hour my screen went black again, now I only fear that my gpu is dying again and the issue that I hoped was fixed is all but back. So my real question isn't only is this a gpu issue it's is something killing it? Like maybe the PSU is killing it or maybe even the cords.


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We're going to need a little more information, considering that this is a thread of troubleshooting nature. Please include your system's specs like so:

Include the age of the PSU as well.

ranging from hissing to popping to my pc completely freezing
That is kind of indicating either power issue or worse, that you're investing into bad components.
Try a different high end monitor cable. They do make a difference at higher resolutions & refresh rates. I spent $15 on my DP cable and it solved a number of screen blanking issues with the APU. It especially became problematic when the APU ran 100% and hot.

If it's AMD GPU, turn off the ensure monitor sync under the AMD control panel.