Question Why does random stuff like this happens?


Jul 24, 2017
When I wanna boot up my PC or I just want to restart my PC, my computer doesn't boot up at all. The PC is running, but the BIOS doesn't show up, and my mouse and keyboard don't turn on. There is no specific way on how I fix this, because I try different things to fix it and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I turn off the computer by the case button and turn the PC on, or I turn off the power supply and then turn it on again, or I unplug the power supply cable and plug in it back, or even turn off the power strip (and of course, turn it on back).

Or sometimes, the PC does get to Windows 10, and I notice the sound is broken (the PC can't detect any sound devices) and my keyboard and mouse doesn't work/turn on. So all I do is restart the PC through the case button and everything is alright.

Does anyone know why this stuff happens? Is just random, doesn't make sense to me...