Question Why does sharing the network connection work to fix a "unidentified network" problem?

Sep 3, 2020
So in another thread here several users posted the following advice for fixing a wifi connection which has no internet connectivity and says "Identifying" or "Unidentified network":

I have followed the wireless configuration above but still the problem exists,fortunately I succeed after doing more step below:
Network and sharing center
Change adapter setting
Click Wireless properties
Set 802.11 Channel for 2.4 and 5.2 to auto in Window 8 or set to Long and Short in window 7
Click on Sharing tab
Then allow connect to this computer
Check all boxes
Close everything
Connect to your device again
In the configure window of the wireless properties of my connection there is no 802.11 channel. no listing for 2.4 or 5.2. it's just not there. > anyway to fix this?

then I decided to skip that step and enable network sharing. now previously I had enabled network sharing and had problems (I forget what). so I had disabled it and it was fine for a very long time.

When I went to enable it this time something very strange happened, it said I needed to pick a connection which could share this connection. luckily I had another wifi card on the computer (was using a USB wifi card because the on-board one is worn out and breaks after a few seconds to 5 minutes like clockwork)

but upon sharing the connection and flipping the on board wifi switch on (physically) immediately the USB wifi device was able to fix itself and I got my internet connection working again.

this makes no sense.

I have now disabled network sharing again. and I still have internet connectivity just fine.

Given that the USB wifi card had no 802.11 listings at all I assume some settings in it were somehow told to be dropped. as if the ISP sent a message saying "drop the old config for these and await a new one" and then forgot to send the new one. the old card however had these settings intact was it somehow able to copy over it's settings to the other card?

why does this even work? again it seems to make no sense.

BTW the config still shows no 802.11 channels. it's so messed up I'm surprised it's working.

(I'm working on this post from another computer hence the screenshot via cellphone.)

my current computer looks like this:

WTF mate?

seriously I am stumped as to why this computer has said settings and the other does not. and.. how is the other one even working? why did sharing the connection with another network adapter work? why does it still work now that I disabled that sharing?

Edit/Update: The exact same problem has now happened on another computer in the same building today. I find this coincidence highly compelling towards the theory that something being sent from the router or ISP that is causing this. the ISP must be doing it randomly they must be doing some sort of check on a "permachine connected to the network basis" and that check is triggering some problem with the configuration of the network device. Any idea on what they could be doing? it'll be much easier to contact them about this if I know what they could be doing to cause this.

further more the problem on this next computer though the same could not be fixed by sharing the connection and did not ask for another network adapter to share with.

Edit2: definitely the ISP or router attacking individual devices, because it just fixed itself while connected. other computers on the network had no problems. will be calling the ISP to see what I can get out of them.

what the heck is going on?
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