Question Why does the DP-VGA adapter make my desktop flash 3 times?

Dave Thompson

Jun 11, 2014

I purchased a "BENFEI" DP-VGA adapter so I could use my old VGA monitor with my new upgraded system, and it's plugged into my RX-580. It was a choice between the DVI or DP adapter, so I thought I'd try the Displayport for once. It works, however, after bootup, my screen flashes 3 times (could be when the display driver/software loads). I contacted the seller and they sent me another one, but I am getting the same "issue". Googling doesn't bring up anything related, and as it works, I am tempted to just accept it. If my TV is off, the VGA monitor will not flash, but if my TV is on, both will flash 3 times. It seems like it could be some obscure notification, or it could be something bad. Before I send them both back and perhaps try the DVI-VGA adapter, I was wondering if anyone knows about this ?

Thanks alot.

B550 Aorus Pro
R5 3600
16gb Kingston Fury ram