Question Why does the G560 play regular audio but no Voices?


Aug 8, 2018
I bought the Logitech G560 speakers as an upgrade, but I've noticed the "surround sound" setting is next to useless so I disabled it. I noticed some games have a sound que that has zero sound. Like in a game called Insurgency Sandstorm, usually you'd hear an explosion but you hear a very very VERY faint sound that should be an explosion. Another example is the voice lines in Mortal Kombat 11 not being audible. The announcer, characters, and punch sounds cannot be heard. I was starting to think maybe I should reconfigure the speaker settings in the sound control panel. I see that it identifies 7 other speakers so I configure only the 2 speakers and subwoofer to have sound coming out. That still doesn't work. Is there anyway I can fix this issue?
If you have the audio configured to output to 7 speaker channels, but have a 2.1 speaker setup, your computer is going to try sending audio to speakers that are not there. The reason voices are missing is because those are often sent to the center channel speaker on audio systems that provide one.

It looks like those speakers support virtual 7.1 surround, which involves translating 7.1 channel output from a game or movie to 2.1 channels, but you need the software installed for that to work. Doing a quick search online, I did notice some others mentioning having issues like you mention though, so there be some issue wit the software currently. I suspect the best option might just be to turn off the DTS:X virtual surround setting from inside the Logitech gaming software, and let the games handle translating audio to 2.1 speakers instead, using "stereo" output.

If you are having problems even with the setting disabled, I found a post suggesting something that might work as a workaround for the time being... View: