Why does this book cost so much ??? Programming Windows by Charles P.


Sep 6, 2011
I was looking online and found Programming Windows Fifth Edition by Charles Petzold Microsoft programming series book listed at $173.24 on ebay and amazon.. My question is why so much for a book? Reason why I ask is my brother gave me that book and a C++ book almost like 10 years ago.. Never touch the Charles Petzold book. And I just found it with all my other computer books. Did it all ways cost that much? If so Im going to pretend that I read that book when I talk to my brother..lol
its hard to know exactly how much the book was selling for 10 years ago.

the reason for the high price is most likely due to either the book being a textbook or reference book (maybe), the fact that the book may be an essential read in the field (10 year old book, doubt it) or because finding a copy of the book is hard (supply and demand, most probable)