Why doesn't my intel graphics accelerator drivers get installed ?


Apr 14, 2011
I have an i5 2400 CPU and a DH61WW motherboard
when i try to install the intel graphics accelerator from the drivers disk i got with my motherboard it always say "failed" they don't get installed but everything else gets installed properly for the example the realtech sound drivers only the intel graphics accelerator fails to install
why is this happening please tell me how can i install them properly



Try auto-update (automatically search in the internet) via the control panel/system and security/device manager.
check that your cpu has the video chipset, some dont. also did you install the intel mb chipset drivers and reboot??
intill there install sometime other parts of the mb wont install. if you have a gpu installed you may have to go into your bios and turn the onboard chipset back on.
also try downloading the newest installer from intel.