Question Why doesn't my usb type c port display video?


Feb 14, 2014
I have an asus z390-A motherboard, it has 1 usb 3.1 type c gen 1 port on the back.
According to what ive been reading and what i understand, i should be able to use a type c to hdmi adapter in this port and connect a monitor to it, right?
If not please tell me, ive been googling for a couple hours now and im pretty sure i should be able to do this. Anyway it isnt working, and i was wondering if anyone knew why? I have this specific type c to hdmi adapter:
Im willing to buy another one in case this one just doesnt work, or is incompatible, but i want to make sure i understand what im doing before i spend anymore money.
Should this be working the way im doing it? Im just plugging this adapter into the type c port on my mobo and then plugging a monitor into the hmdi port on the adapter. The monitor comes up for a moment acknowledging a connection but then goes into rest mode and does not display anything. I also checked my display settings, no extra monitor is found. And when the adapter is plugged in i tried to update my drivers but it doesnt find anything to update. I also have a pcie card with 2 extra type c gen 1 ports on it, and i tried using those also but to no avail. I also went into my bios settings and changed the power to the type c port from auto to enabled, but still nothing.
So im a bit confused, maybe it doesnt work, maybe im doing something wrong, idk. One thing bothering me is that i cannot test my ports because i have no other device that uses type c ports. I just ordered a flash drive that uses type c so i can test the ports in the next few days, my motherboard is brand new though, so the port should work. But in the mean time... any ideas?
Any help is appreciated.