Question Why don't the HDMI ports work on my Samsung monitor ?


Sep 4, 2018
I have a Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 32" monitor and while the DisplayPort works, neither of the HDMI ports work as it keeps showing a blank screen whenever I plug one in. I'm very confused by this because I tried other HDMI cables and got the same results. I currently use 3 different monitors in my setup however I was able to get the HDMI to work on the Samsung monitor by unplugging one of the 3 monitors (but when I plug it back in, the HDMI stops working). However, even when I got the HDMI to work, I still couldn't change the resolution. I'm really confused as to why the HDMI port on my Samsung monitor refuses to work correctly.


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Other monitors: make and model?

Are there any monitor specific drivers installed?

Are you using some combination of motherboard video ports (iGPU) and GPU ports to connect the three monitors?

Specifically how are the monitors being connected:

For example:

Monitor 1 <---> Motherboard HDMI port

Monitor 2 < ---> GPU HDMI port

Monitor 3 < ---> GPU DP port

Check the Samsung Monitor's menu/admin screens.

You may need to configure the video inputs for use and then save configuration.

Also right click an empty area of the desktop. Select the Control Panel for the GPU. Check the configuration settings.