Question Why i Can’t start windows after installing graphics card ? Is my gpu broken?

Jan 12, 2020
I did a clean windows 7 installation
When I tried the pc the first time it was working but after one day pc becomes so laggy and after i turned it off it doesn’t want to display anything again but everything inside is working i can also hear start up sound and I connected to dvi motherboard graphics and it shows up the screen normally, I taught it was the monitor bcz it was an old hp and cant receive much power from the graphics card, after i bought a new hp monitor 1080p I used hdmi cable to connect it with at the first time it displays but the lags still
And I taught it was the psu i had (300w 80 plus gold ) and re-installed the window 7 and I tried after a 400 w which is the recommended for my graphics card it shows the graphics card display but once I installe driver of display from nvidia web site or the windows update after restarting windows freezes in starting logo , and this happens also with the 300w power supply, one time it started up after drivers installed and lower the power from msi afterburner it works fine and I played gta 5 with 60-85 fps after I restarted my pc it stock at starting windows logo again i taught maybe i need more power and I bought a crosair 700w and still same problem can’t start windows after I install drivers!
Can anyone please help it’s been 3 weeks now and im facing this issue
Is it the gpu problem? Or cpu , motherboard?
I5 2400
500 gb hdd
Gtx 1060 3gb
Acer Q67 motherboard
700w crosair
8 gb ram
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