Question why intel xeon l5408 not working in lga 775 socket

Sep 24, 2021
I have buy xeon L5408 form aliexpress for lga 775 socket i set the cpu on my intel D945GCNL motherboard.The cpu is getting hot but no display is coming what should i do?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
so what motherboard i should use?
from one seller post
All are tested on a Intel DG41rq motherboard, updated to the latest BIOS, no BIOS mod needed for the CPU to function correctly. I cannot provide support and cannot stress enough that it is up to you to make sure your BIOS either supports this CPU, that you are modding/using modded BIOS that will work, or are simply trying to get it to work for fun and can accept if you cannot make it compatible with your motherboard.