Why is Cable Management so Important?

James i5

Nov 29, 2012
hi all,

i was looking through the user gallery and alot of the reply's to peoples builds were "tighten up on that Cable Management" "Clean that rats nest up" "That's Horrifying!" etc.


Why is it so important?


This is my First EVER build

How did i do with the Cable Management here?
Case: Thermaltake V4 Black Edition Gaming Chassis Mid Tower Steel Computer Case Fully Black Powdered Interior

Ignore the lights, I removed them and replaced them with White Case fans.
On a practical level, gets rid of cables from air flow paths, leading to better temps. Also removes surface area for dust to build up on, so you get a less dusty rig.

More than that, its looks a heap better without a ton of cables running everywhere, especially important if you have a case window. Also a matter of pride, you just built an awesome computer, you put some good workmanship into it.

Although admittedly your cable management options are limited in that case, no space behind the mobo tray to run cables.