Question Why is Display Smaller than Monitor Screen?


Oct 5, 2021
PC Specs:

HP Z420 Workstation

CPU: Intel Xeon E5-2670
GPU: NVIDIA Quadro K600
RAM: 256GB AXIOM PC3-10600 DDR3-1333MHz ECC Registered CL9 240-Pin DIMM 1.35V Low Voltage Quad Rank Memory Module
Boot Drive: 128Gb Silicon Power 2.5" SSD
OS: Windows 10 Pro


Monitor Display is smaller than the screen size (with a black box around the Windows display).

I have downloaded every possible update from Windows update. Also, manually downloaded (and installed) Quadro Desktop Driver 410 from (

Some of the other NVIDIA Driver Updates I have tried manually installing give me an error message : "nvidia installer cannot continue nvidia graphics driver not compatible version windows"

I have gone through the "standard fixes" like trying to change the screen resolution size in Windows - and none of these have worked.

I currently see a PC with similar specs for sale on Newegg, so I am not understanding why this setup is not working.

Why is the Display smaller than the Monitor screen?
How can this be fixed?


Make and model monitor?

Any buttons on the monitor other than On/Off for power?

Could be a button invoked menu choice to adjust the monitor's presentation of the incoming display.

Shift left & right, shift up and down, etc. to center image.

Or enlarge to fill the black area around the image.

There may be other configurable options available directly via the monitor.

Also check if there are specific drivers for the monitor. Install those monitor drivers versus the generic/standard drivers that Windows is probably using.

Download monitor drivers directly from the manufacturer's website. Install and configure as required. No third party installers or utilities.


Oct 5, 2021
I uninstalled everything and borrowed an NVIDIA NVS 310 to see if it would work, and the display started to work in the same way (with the black square around the display).

But then, when I ran all of the standard Windows 10 updates, the display corrected - and works normally.

Why would the Hp Z420 work normally only with the NVS 310 but not with the K600?

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Windows 10 find the correct driver for it. You just don’t have the correct driver installed.

use DDU to remove all the graphics drivers and then reboot and allow windows to find the correct one for you and if it doesn’t, you will have to go download it from your manufacture and install it yourself