Question Why is DNS Server Not Responding?

Oct 5, 2021
When trying to connect to the internet using a USB WiFi Adapter, the PC can 't connect to the internet.

After plugging-in the USB WiFi adapter, adding the home internet network and password, the device connects to the internet for a second and then disconnects.
After running a Network Diagnostic, it says the primary DNS server is not responding.

What is the best way to fix this?
That message may or may not be significant. All it means is you can not talk to the DNS server. Now that might be because there is a actual DNS problem but it can also mean the internet is completely down and so it can get to no server which would include DNS servers.

I would try ipconfig /all and see if you are getting IP addresses and what the DNS server is being set to. The default tends to be your router IP.

Next see if you can ping the router IP. If that works try to ping or These are dns servers. If these respond to ping I would go into the IPv4 settings and manually put in one of those addresses. I would also disable IPv6 while you are in the nic settings.

If you can't ping the router IP then there likely is some issue with something like DHCP.
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