Question why is everything saying device not migrated in device manager

May 8, 2021
almost all my devices including graphics card/monitor/processor are saying device not migrated in the events tab. i recently bought this computer and been having issues with it such as blurry games on ultra settings jagged text and jagged textures in games/ texture pop ins, low render distance.

even when i boot into bios it looks horrible the text and screen look blurry/jagged. i'm wondering if this device not migrated has something to do with it. like <Mod Edit> i spent a lot on this rtx 3070 pre-built and its turning out to be trash :( and better yet the support from the company i bought it from hasn't been replying to my support emails.

i have reset my computer many times to try to fix the problem and reinstalled drivers and such but nothing

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Did they supply you with a Windows License key?
Which version of Windows?

I would use the Microsoft media Creation tool to make yourself a Windows installer boot flash drive and then install windows from scratch. You'll also need to get your motherboards chipset, Lan, and Audio drivers which can be found on whichever motherbd you have support site.

If you aren't sure of your Key, you can link your Windows Activation to your MS account and then use that logon to activate during the fresh windows install.