Question Why is gpu bottleneck at 95% while my cpu is 5% bottlenceck while playing the new call of duty, can someone please explain how to balance it out?

Nov 21, 2022
I currently have a 3070 ti and a 12700-k CPU. whenever I do the benchmark on cod I see that my bottlenecks are very uneven and whenever I see any posts on twitter about graphics settings, they are almost 50-50 with bottleneck. Can someone please explain or help me in this situation? Oh and I also have 32 gb ram.
Are you getting low FPS or bad gameplay? Otherwise why even bother?

You can reduce graphics settings to make the GPU work less, if that increases FPS it will do so by making the CPU work more. If it doesn't increase FPS you might have a FPS limit set either in the game itself or from the nvidia settings. Sometimes the game itself only goes up to a certain FPS no matter what.
I don’t see a problem. All that is saying is 5% of the time the cpu is the limiting factor on fps and 95% of the time it’s the gpu. You could turn the detail settings up so the gpu becomes the limiting factor 100% of the time so the gpu is always fully utilised but you will see fewer fps overall. I see no logical reason to aim for 50/50.
Apr 27, 2022
Your system is pretty much working perfectly. You want your GPU to be pegged in the 90s, otherwise you're leaving performance on the table. Your CPU usage is low, fantastic. You have the ability to upgrade your GPU if you want to.
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