Question Why is Internet speed capped when QOS is off ?

Jason H.

Im having a weird issue. Maybe Im overlooking something.

I have a Netgear R6350 internet router. I have 400mb down / 20mb up internet through my ISP.

When I have QOS off, both my download and upload speed are capped to 30-50 down, 1-10 up. Maybe its not a hard cap but something doesnt let it go past this.

In mny QOS setup menu there is a option called Uplink Bandwidth Maxiumum. In order to get the full 400mbps (via I have to set my max internet speed in this option.

If I dont, there are NO other settings to either raise, or limit the internet speed. ONLY this 1 option in the QOS menu. So by default, Ive been having to enable QOS.

Ive been using "QOS by Device" and then I set my wifi adapter on Queue 1:Highest. This has been great in game but I just realized everything else on my pc, like downloads, loading a page with a lot of photos, and other various networking issues, just run bad. Maybe I shouldnt do by device? IDK! I figured it would just make the internet work at its peak for the entirety of whats being done using the device but this doesnt seem to be the case.

I wanted to try to disable QOS but like I said, then Im not even able to go above 50mbps. Any help would be great!