Question Why is Motherboard not booting?

Mar 9, 2020
Hello! Sorry, I couldn’t find this in another forum.
Following situation: I upgraded my Mainboard a while ago because my Graphics card ripped out of the PCI Express Slot (completely broken). Now I upgraded more components of my PC and have basically my old PC together, so I thought I stick it together (and use it without the Graphics card as emulator for old games)
Now I found myself in a situation where it’s completely not booting or anything. If I turn it on with the screwdriver (don’t have a case) the PSU starts to spin once and stops. From there it spins from time to time but doesn’t do anything else (No. Lights, no beeps, nothing)

Now the question: Is the board completely broken because of the PCI Port?

Hope I’m not too annoying and someone knows something. Thanks!

Mobo: Asrock b85m pro4
CPU: Core i5-4570 + stock cooler
RAM: 2x 4GB Crucial Ballistix Sport (1600 Hz)
PSU: Old 350Watt thing out of a super old computer (to test)
(No HDD/SSD and no Graphics Card until I can finally boot it up and test with other things)
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