Question Why is my 2.4 Ghz under performing

Aug 17, 2019
My Gaming PC is further away from my Virgin media router so usually connects to the 2.4Ghz band. I have had a few issues and finally got through to Virgin Media that its not an issue with my PC (open to the option it could be).

Anyway I wanted some advice from everyone to see if they could pinpoint the problem while the VM team 'try' and fix it. They have sent me a new hub 3.0 but that didn't fix the problem and now some very techy team is looking into it. Tbh I have lost faith in them after the first person refused to acknowledge there was problem.

Before this they told me it was my device but after getting them to split the bands I ran speed tests on both. 113Mbps on 5Ghz and 1.1Mbps on 2.4GhZ. Both from the same distance and given the poorer range of the 5Ghz I would expect this to drop off quicker.

I have an asus pce-ac56 with latest drivers and the signal strength (I am aware this doesn't mean much) is full for 2.4Ghz and slightly low for 5Ghz. If I run the 2.4Ghz test next to the hub it makes very little difference. The best I got it up to was 30Mbps and my Pc at distance has clocked speeds near this as well. My PC isn't even that far away. It is upstairs and one room over, total distance apart is about 4m, no microwaves, 3 devices connected to hub, 4 wifi signals in the area, no significant plumbing such as pipes/radiators in the way.

Any advice or knowledge on the issue would be really appreciated so if they get back to me I know more on the subject.


You need to asses the interference on the 2.4Ghz spectrum and try and find a clear channel. This is difficult as there are only three clear non overlapping channels you can use. SSinsider is a windows program you can use or phone apps are available.