Question Why is my computer power cycling during boot up ?

Dadrian Daedalus

May 25, 2015
Recently i upgraded my older haswell pc with the following :

Gigabyte B460M d3h motherboard
i5 10400F,,
8+8 Gb corsair DDR4 3200 mhz ram

The following components were re-used (purchased last year):

Zotac gtx 1060 6gb,
Corsair TXM 550 PSU

however i have noticed that occasionally,when i attempt to turn the computer on by pressing the power button on the pc case,it does not turn on at the very first try.Then when i press the power button again(for the 2nd time),it turns on,only to turn off within seconds and back on again and proceeds to boot into windows normally.

Why is the motherboard acting like this?Previously when i had my haswell rig,it worked just fine and started up in one go without any issues.I also clean installed windows and updated my drivers but the problem still persists.

Could the problem be associated with some software glitch or is it an indication of some fault with some pc component?Is there any way to fix this?

Additional info: xmp is enabled in the bios,can it cause issues like power cycling during boot?

Please advice.
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