Question Why is my cpu overclock working in bios but not on task manager, AIDA, or Cinebench.

It's running at the base clock in the image you posted (within margin of error, the base clock will fluctuate a tiny bit around 100 MHz, which is normal).

If you think you have a CPU bottleneck, a couple things you could check are:

-Look at max CPU usage while gaming on any individual core. If it's close to 100%, probably a bottleneck.
-Try lowering resolution. If FPS doesn't increase significantly, probably a CPU bottleneck.

How much RAM do you have, and what speed?
Apr 17, 2019
well i have 8g ram,ryzen 3 1200 cpu, and gtx 1050ti. i get lik 38-60fps on fallout 4. and my wife has about the same exact computer with a better cpu and hers runs from 60-90fps.