Question Why is my ethernet getting half as much Mbps as my wireless connection?

Jan 15, 2020
Hi, recently I noticed my download speed on my PC was only reaching around 13mb/s when it previously was usually around 23-25. I first thought it had to do with our ISP and they came out and made sure every device was receiving the full 200-250mbps we're supposed to get. They left and everything was fine, yet I realized my PC is still only getting around 113-125mbps.

I took a few tests on both my phone and my PC, and my phone was getting average around 230mbps, while my PC only 115mbps. Now, we do have a dual band with my router so when logging into wifi there are two options. One for other devices that don't really need it will use the slower one and get half, and one for devices to get the full 200mbps+.
That's all find and dandy, yet the ethernet is hardwired and there is no 'setting' or 'wifi' to choose from. It should be receiving the full 200+ on its own.

I thought maybe it is my ethernet cable. Maybe I accidentally got a cat-5 cable. Checked the pins, and saw that it is indeed a cat-6 cable so that shouldn't be the problem either.

At this point, I'm deciding whether or not it would be worth it just not to use the ethernet and instead get a wifi adapter and just use the wifi. (I am frequently downloading, so this is a big issue for me). It might be that a new ethernet cable good do the trick and mine is faulty. I've also checked my task manager and there is barely any network usage, so no program is eating it all up.

Any solutions or advice would be much appreciated.