Question Why is my fps so low?

Apr 18, 2019
I have a MSI Z370 GAMING PRO CARBON, Intel i7-8700k, MSI GTX 1070 gaming X and 16gb 3200 Ram. I have a 1080p monitor and ive not overclocked anything but i've got msi's game boost enabled in the bios. So lately my fps has been very low campared to what it should be. On dayz standalone on ultra i was getting mid 60 fps. which sounds good but its not compared to what i should be/ or used to get(120+fps). It's not just that game either its also pubg, squad, and a few others. Does anyone know any reasons why this would be happening and how to fix them?


While we could waste time with this one trying to trouble shoot, let's just try to rule out hardware all together.

If you have a key for Windows 10, keep it handy, if not and you did something like a free upgrade, then make sure to link your user account on the PC to a Microsoft account, then backup any important files to the cloud or an external drive, then grab a USB stick that is at least 8GB in size and make a new bootable drive using the Windows Media Creation Tool, then perform a clean install.

Refer to this guide for doing this.

After doing this and doing Windows updates, install DirectX SDK then after that's installed, do an install of this All In One VC++ Package

After all that, restart the PC and if the problem persists then it's a hardware issue