Question Why is my Gpu one fan making noise?

Jul 1, 2022
So I have a Rx580 sapphire nitro 4gb card and randomly yesterday its one fan started making noise , when I checked the fan was not even hitting any thing it was just making noise and after 5 sec the fan stopped automatically but then started and it repeated with the noise. But after that I tooked out the fan and motor on it self was not making any noise but putting it back and making sure it doesn't hit anything it did the same thing.


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Highly likely that the fan's bearing might've given out or there's dirt or debris inside the motor housing. There's also the possibility that the fan is giving up the ghost...time for a replacement.
after that I took out the fan and motor on it self was not making any noise
what do you mean "took out the fan and motor"?
you totally disassembled the fan and separated the blades from the motor?
how were you allowing it to spin if it was removed from the housing to ensure no noise was being produced?

if this fan has just started to go bad you can either find a single replacement or find a whole new 3rd party cooling shroud to use which could provide much better cooling overall.