Question Why is my internet speed limited to 1MB in some apps!!

Sep 21, 2022
Hello there:)

My internet speed is limited to 1MB in some apps and actually, I have 42MB of full download speed which I can use to download from IDM, epic games, and steam, but some apps I have (random apps even if I downloaded them recently) are limited to 1MB like FiveM, I tried to download windows 10 beside my 11 and the problem solved on it and I had full download speed (42MB), but on 11 it stills 1MB, any solutions for that problem plz?? :(
So it works on windows 10 but not on windows 11 ? Do you have the option to just say on windows 10 if it works. Window11 even after all this time seems to still have bugs for people and I am not sure what you actually gain.