Question Why is my internet speed way lower than it is rated to be?

Oct 13, 2018
Hello! I have a Verizon FiOS Fiber Gigabit connection via ethernet cable from a Quantum Gateway G1100.

The rated speeds at 940/880.

I get 330/330.

Is there any reason for that? My PC is compatible with supporting a Gigabit ethernet connection.

Whenever I do a speedtest on, the results are positive--coming out at around 950/950.
I just don't find those to be true though, due to giving me a rated speed of 300ish (up and down).

How do I improve my connection to my internet because I know that it is capable of the speeds I have been given from Verizon's main server.

Math Geek

i found that i could not get the full speed until i replaced that verizon issued router and went with my own. those speeds are basically leading edge and everything needs to be able to handle it.

once i replaced the router and got all new cables, i saw much better speeds over ethernet. the pc attached by ethernet with it's gb port gets over 900/800 Mb/s down/up speeds.

wifi is also an issue since you need a fast enough router and receiver to get decent speeds. wifi using an AC1200 adapter gets about 750/500 down/up speeds for me. i'm sure if i went with an even faster adapter, i'd likely see even better but again that is only because i have a stupid fast router that can actually handle the speed.

the verizon router they sell came out when they added 100 Mb/s lines. they swear it can handle Gb speeds but not even close. you can use any router since the modem is separate and all that. you should have just ethernet already going to the router from the modem. i had to argue with the guy who installed my service since he wanted to put the router in a terrible location to ensure the whole house was covered. i had to call verizon to get it done right the first time!!

gonna cost a bit but you can upgrade EVERYTHING and you should get better speeds so long as you are within range and the other normal wifi best practices.


@Math Geek if the OP is getting 950 to the Verizon speedest host as documented in the first post, then the last mile is performing, IMO. If his local POP has congestion to the wider internet, then there is nothing that can be done on the home end of his connection.

Math Geek

that is true. before i bought anything i was able to connect directly to the modem and take the rest of my house network out of the picture. from there i got 100% of the listed speeds!!! but once the router was in place i saw the dramatic drop, the OP is speaking of. so i knew it was my hardware in the house limiting me and nothing outside the house.

OP can test the same easy enough by plugging into the modem ethernet directly and see what the speedtest shows. quick simply way to check where the problem is. once i upgraded my hardware, i have no more concerns. :)

this is something i am seeing all over my city as folks upgrade. the old hardware people have for the most part is just not capable of handling the speeds as is most of the time. a 10 year old pc is just not going to be able to handle such speeds with the usb 2 ports and very first gen gb port if it has one. the slow ram and hdd's usually present also effect overall speeds since often the pc has to send wait signals so it can catch up with the data coming in and so on.

with cutting edge speed, cutting edge hardware helps a ton. it's kinda like throwing 1000 hp into an old ford focus. you may be able to produce that much at the flywheel but the rest of the car will disintegrate the first time you try to put that power to the road. an old router designed for 100 mb service just can't cope with gb service no matter if it has a gb port or not on the back of it!!