Question Why is my keyboard turning off and on ?


Dec 31, 2019
Hello, first time poster here. I went to power on my computer today when it started turning off halfway through its bios start up. It would then attempt to turn back on. After the second or so attempt I turned the system off and checked my cords. Sure, enough the power supply cord came partially unplugged. The system booted fine after that, but my keyboard started flickering intermittently.

What I've done:
  • Restarted the computer and plugged the keyboard back in
  • Checked for windows updates
  • Checked power saving device settings on the keyboard (it was off)
  • Reinstalled the Universal serial bus controller for the keyboard
  • Reinstalled the HID keyboard device
Temporary solution:
- I found that plugging the keyboard into another USB port has fixed the issue. I plugged in my mouse to USB port that my keyboard was originally plugged into and the mouse is working fine.

What is going on here? Did my keyboard randomly decide it did not like that USB port? My system is about a week old at this point and haven't had any issues. My biggest concern is that the power surge damaged the USB port/motherboard. Any thoughts on this?


If keyboard works in other ports, and other things work in the port the keyboard is in, you should be fine. Test another keyboard in that port, test your keyboard on some other computers, see what works and what does not.