Question Why is my laptop throttling when I unplug it then plug it in again ?

Jul 27, 2023
Hi everyone, so the issue is that my ASUS Zenbook Pro Duo UX582 laptop keeps throttling its performance whenever I unplug the power supply, put the laptop on sleep, and then replug the power supply. Let me elaborate on what this usually looks like:

1. I unplug the laptop, close the lid
2. I move somewhere (usually from school to home), replug that laptop in, open up the lid, and boot up a game of some sort
3. Where I was getting 60fps before (I have a 60hz screen), it's now locked to 30. If I boot up Minecraft for some reason it's 50.

My specs are: i7-12700H/16GB/RTX 3060m 95W

I've tried many different things, such as disabling Battery Boost in GeForce Experience, uninstalling the software and uninstalling and reinstalling the graphics driver, but none of those have worked. The only thing left for me to do every time is to restart the laptop, which is very annoying. I suspect that there is some software in my system telling the laptop that it's still on battery power even after I plug it in again. I should also mention that I have the ASUS battery care setting on, which limits my charging to 80 percent of the max battery capacity.

Any help would be much appreciated. Happy to provide more information if needed.



Jun 1, 2017
That's kinda normal for a beefy laptop such as that. I'm no real fan of having anything higher than a 1080 in a laptop as even though through the course of years they've managed to find ways of cooling and all but it doesn't suit my style. Much prefer other ways like . . . not gaming lol. Anyways, a laptop with that Hz panel can be that way like I said. Maybe it just likes it when you game at home and not outside your house lol. I don't game at 60Hz at all anymore. Best is 120Hz for me like my Predator Helios 300 2017 Edition.