Why is my lg dvd writer making my pc restart all the time i put a disk in it


Sep 12, 2011
can you pliz tell me why does my DVD writer makes my PC restart whenever i put a disk inside..

if i dont put any disk in it, it everything is normal... but the minute i put a disk inside it.. and the disk begins to read my Pc restarts...

and wont be able to boot it will be just be bookting and rebooting nothing will be happening... andrthe minute i get the disk out of the Drive it start booting normally...
Couple of options. (1) rootkit/virus/malware. (2) loose connector to DVD writer. (3) bad software. (4) failed DVD player

Do you have/run antivirus? "Windows security essentials" is a free download, use it.

Do you have autoplay on for the DVD player? Turn it off. (What program was it defaulting to?)

Refresh the DVD writer's drivers by deleting the DVD player from Device Manager then rebooting so windows can discover it again and install again.

IF the DVD write failed that is an easy part to fix.