[SOLVED] Why is my memory overclocking itself?

Dec 5, 2021
Hi there everyone, this is my first post here so apologies if it's messy or doesn't have all the information needed. I'm also kind of a computer noob.

I have a 1050 ti. MSI afterburner shows that my memory is at 3000 mhz, which is way higher than the recommended amount. I don't have any games or anything open, and I haven't messed with the settings to make the number go up. Why is this happening? It was making my computer freeze constantly for a couple of days until I updated my gpu drivers. It was okay for a little while yesterday, but now the numbers are back to being the same consistently high number. Is this supposed to be happening, or is something wrong?

I'm trying to upload the image but it isn't letting me, so that's just frustrating me as well.
hmm 1050ti has speced ram at 7Gbps (1752mhz), with which app youre looking at mem clocks?
graphics ram doesnt run in x2 clock as with normal ram, gpus running it at x4 data rate (two dual streams)