Question Why is my "Onboard LAN" totally MISSING from BIOS in HP Desktop!?

Feb 16, 2019
Hello everybody!

This is my first time here and MY issue is one that many people have had to deal with, since there are posts about it all over the internet!

To cut a long story short: My HP Desktop lost all connection to the Internet via our ethernet cable as the result of a SEVERE lightning strike!

Firstly: It simply would NOT power-up (as in voltage from the wall plug not "Making a connection")..."dead as a doornail"!

THAT I managed to fix simply by unplugging one TINY little plug from the Motherboard...then plugging it back in again...something reset itself!

Secondly: After I managed to fix the "power-up" situation...the PC would NOT boot into windows! Kept getting messages such as "BOOTMGR is missing"...etc.

Finally fixed THAT issue as running my Windows Repair CD...another piece of "Fix-It" software...and NUMEROUS "Command Prompt" instructions!

BUT...I have NOT managed to reconnect to the internet, as the system keeps "complaining" that: "Ethernet cable is unplugged or damaged"!

Well...the "system" has got it WRONG, as that very SAME Ethernet cable has NO problem connecting my OTHER desktop PC to the internet!

I am already WELL AWARE that I can buy a "PCI Network Adapter Card" and mount it onto my Motherboard and I am ready to do that...due to the MAIN
problem that I believe my HP PC has and that is a DESTROYED "Onboard LAN".

I know that NUMEROUS others have had the exact same issues after severe lightning strikes and so I decided to try what OTHERS have found works
and that is: Go into the BIOS and see if my "Onboard LAN" is showing as "DISABLED" and if that IS the case, then "ENABLING" it may very well fix my
problem and have me reconnected to the Internet once again!!!

BUT...guess what People!?

In my BIOS there simply is NO LISTING WHATSOEVER of my "Onboard LAN"...neither 'disabled'...'enabled'...or in any other condition for that matter!

It is quite simply...NOT THERE...not listed...GONE!!!

Over to you wonderfully Technically Advanced Forum Members able to shed some light on this strange problem: A missing "Onboard LAN".

I look forward to hearing ALL your thoughts...ALL your opinions and ALL your advice on this BLOODY ANNOYING and frustrating problem!!!