Question Why is my PC capping my internet download speeds?

Nov 9, 2020
So I recently noticed that my internet download speeds have dropped dramatically

They were completely fine for the first couple of weeks everything was working perfectly then out of nowhere ive been having problems

When im on my PC (wired connection) and run a test on im only getting 8-9Mbps/down but when I use my phone on the same router on wireless im getting 70Mbps?

I currently have two ISP in my household, one for the family and my own personal one I use for streaming

So I have tried the PC connected to both of the different routers and still every test I run its capping my download speed at 8-9Mbps

But when I use my phone like I said previously im getting way better results which is leading me to think that its something in my PC that is causing the cap

Surely with two different ISP and different internet speeds I should be getting different results but they are both just the same

Im running on Windows 10 64bit, AMD Ryzen 5 2600 processor

Any help with this at all would be greatly appreciated ive read alot of other different forums posing the same question and tried all different kinds of fixes, uninstalling programs, command prompts and still no fix?