Question Why is my PC freezing ?

Jul 6, 2021

So, the past few days my PC has been freezing. Before today, it was a one off thing and it never happened again. But today it has froze 4+ times. I originally thought it was my boot drive, as when I booted into windows it would occasionally repair C drive. After scanning no issues tho. After one of the freezes I left it frozen for about 50 seconds and there was one short beep. After PC reset my GPU drivers were completely gone? What is happening and does anyone know why?

EDIT: When I reset the pc after a freeze it would fail to boot. Both monitors black. Only way to fix was hard resetting the pc.

PC Specs:
MSI Radeon 5700XT Gaming X
Ryzen 7 2700X
Aorus x470 Gaming 7 Wifi
16gb ADATA XPG 3200mhz
Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 850w Plat
Crucial P2 1tb
Samsung 860 Evo 500gb
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