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Question why is my pc performing below expectations?

Jul 15, 2020
Hi. Two months ago I bought myself a new pc since the old one was way outdated and therefore I needed a new one. I ordered all the parts and built it. At the start, it kicked ass but a few days ago I've noticed its been getting slow ingame especially valorant with medium settings. In valorant i was getting around 300 fps at all time. But now I'm only getting between 90 and 160 nonstable. Which is really annoying. All my friends have nerly the same pc but they are getting the 300 ish fps. I then did a userbenchmark and it's all performing way below expectations...

These are my results: https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/30645677

I know the results are pretty good, but I still should not get that low fps. It's not only in valorant but also other games like rdr2 on medium where i was used to 80+ fps and now getting 60 ish. and mount and blade 2 on high, where i got like 100, and now 70 ish.


If the TUF X570 has USB ports fed from discrete controllers, make sure your keyboard is connected to a native CPU/chipset USB ports as those are the only one that get enumerated during POST. The BIOS should have enumeration turned on by default. If you disabled that for quicker boot, simply reset CMOS to get it back on.