Question Why is my PC randomly rebooting ?


May 18, 2014
Hi Trying to trouble shoot this problem. PC ramdomly reboots when using it, never happens under heavy load usually when browsing or doing normal stuff. Never happenes when afk usually mid mouse movement. Things to keep in mind: my cpu went through two dead mobos (which I killed with sensless overclocking, was feeding 5v to OC to get 3.8ghz looooool). After the second motherboard died it took one ram stick with it and the other was fine, this happened like 2 years ago. eversince I was using the stick that was left with another newer stick in dual channel (2x8). only like a month or 2 ago the pc started acting weird, like when i press the power button to wake it would just give a black screen and the sdd/hdd light would be off.

This honestly happened randomly and i wouldn't say often for like the last month, until it started randomly rebooting just as rare as the wake up issue. I then decided to clean the pc which i guessed finally killed the old ram because when i started it up again it would keep restarting and never post until like 5 times and when it worked task manager said 16 gb installed but was only using one stick. I later realised that it was the old ram stick(that went through the 2 mobo) had died and i honestly thought it was both sticks so I took them out to test them indivisually and realized the pc wouldn't even boot with the old one anymore and later on i tested the newer one which passed memtest86.

Therefore I thought it was the old ram stick that finally died and was causing the problem but now the pc still randomly reboots. I stress tested the cpu and gpu both have normal temps. . and i never get a blue screen when it happens pc just hard resets. until i actually got a BSOD today , which idek if it is was related to the random reboots, it happened immediately after i woke the pc didn't even get to the lock screen. stop code: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, What failed: rt640x64.sys. this led me to believe it was software related but then it the randomly rebooted 3 more times today like before without the BSOD. Tf is happening? I'm honestly banking on the cpu since it went through so much and i don't think it is software related. also since the 2nd mobo I had the cpu oc to recommended 4.0 ghz at 1.285v. Since the rebooting and weirdness happend I leave it at default which didn't help.

Mobo: msi pro vdh b450
psu: thermaltake 600w 80plus gold
cpu: Ryzen 3 1200
ram: basic kinston 8gb 2400mhz
ssd: bx500 1tb as boot
hdd: toshiba hdd 7200 rpm
gpu: gtx 1650