Question Why is my port 25565 closed ?

Jul 15, 2021
Hello my port 25565 doesn't open even though I port forwarded correctly. I have tried disabling windows firewall and routers firewall. I can connect to it by my ipv4 but no one outside my internet can connect so if anyone could help I would appreciate it!
When you are sure you have done port forwarding correctly and the server works from the lan it almost always is you do not have a public IP address.

IP addresses have been in short supply for many years. Most people do not need exclusive use of a IP address so ISP use NAT so multiple people can share them.

Check the IP address you see in your router as the WAN ip. This is the IP assigned to you by the ISP. You can lookup what is private/public ip but if this IP is not the same as you see on a web site like whatsmyip the ISP has assigned you a private IP.

If you do not have a public IP you must talk to your ISP. Some will give you one just for asking, other there is a extra monthly fee, and for some the ISP has some technical reason they can not provide one.
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