Question Why is my RTX 3090 running the same FPS as my 2080 ti did with identical settings?


Oct 2, 2015
I am curious as to why my 3090 would be running games like Call of Duty: warzone etc at the exact same frames that my 2080ti was with the exact same settings. I didn't turn up the resolutions or literally anything. I am assuming there is something I am missing.

Yes I updated the drivers.
i9 9900k
Samsung 970 Pro Evo 2TB
1200 Watt Corsair Gold Rated PSU

All I have done is pop out the 2080ti, updated all the drivers etc... annnd I am having identical performance. In game settings have the frames set to unlimited, but I have also tried with limits of 144fps (as high as my 2k monitor goes). I would love to know if there is a fairly quick fix, and that I didn't just blow a few hundred bucks (because I will be reselling the card if I can't figure it out, but I am sure it will be at a loss). I hear AMD is putting out some good functional products these days.
Oct 30, 2020
try deleting your games profile , such as like call of duty would be C:\Users\windo\Documents\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\players (config.cfg) there might be a backup folder somewhere. make sure u sure DDU in safemode. id unplug your ethernet while doing this just in case. ( windows will like low key reinstall <Mod Edit> soon as u delete it ) id do both DDU & your GPU Uninstaller. Id even do the DDU twice. i highly recommend AMD in the comming years. Maybe run a CCleaner next>? i get this is really simple stuff here. But i bet you will atleast see big gains ( also if there is a way for you to get the driver without the software i highly reccomend doing that i just got a 180 -225 bump from doing this while hovering the menu no kidding!
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Oct 30, 2020
Googling seems to indicate that at 1440p the 3090 should be 25% faster than the 2080Ti. Maybe try a clean install of all the drivers?
Some games are cpu limited, some are graphics limited.
As good as a 9900K is, it would seem that you are cpu limited.
3090 is probably overkill at 2k resolution. Perhaps even a 4k.
If you paid list price for a 3090, you will likely not lose money on it.
But, unless you can find a 3080, I would keep it.


Apr 4, 2019
What is your CPU coler ?
All the good figures you see on the internet for the intel CPUs are with good coolers, giving max boost frequency. you won't reach that with a cheap cooler.
if you have an AiO, please post a picture of your open case.

did you activated XMP in your bios, so your ram don't run at the default speed ? it's 2133MHz by default, while gaming kits are like 3200-4000

you can also do a fresh install of windows on a spare hard drive or ssd to test. (you don't need to activate windows for this). be sure to remove all your other drives when you do this. the installer has a tendency to cause havoc in other drive's partitions.
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