Question Why Is My Ryzen Backplate For My Wraith Spire CPU Cooler not sticking to the motherboard and how to fix it?


Nov 21, 2018
Why Is My Ryzen Backplate For My Wraith Spire CPU Cooler not sticking to the motherboard and how to fix it?
i have 2 systems using gigabyte ga ax370 gaming k7, the first system i had to return mb and a year or so later the mb fried from power surge( now run an APC),,so all in all i have had to mount or remount the ryzen 7 1700's 6 times.
the easiest safest way i found to be mount the cooler to the mb before the mb in the case.
lay a thin piece of foam down ,lay the mb antistatic envelope on top,
then make sure the nut plate insulator is in place on plate, put the nut plate standoffs thru the mb holes
then put a hand under the thin foam to push against the nut plate.
lay the whole thing down flat. to keep the thermal compound even start screwing in one corner just a few turns, switch to the diagonal corner for a few turns, then do the other diagonal, complete by turning a turn or 2 till the springs are all compressed,if you did it evenly enough this should happen at the same round of tightening. if you have to remove the cooler, unscrew 3 or 4 turns on each corner then use a razor blade or vary thin knife to get between the cooler and cpu just a little wiggle on each side is you can get to it,, as the compound acts like glue and you dont want bend any pins or rip them out of the socket

i have also dismounted and remounted cooler while in case,,i use an old 5.25" drive plastic rail to wedge behind the nut plate and the case, as both system cases have a open area under the cpu, that rail holds the nut plate in place.. once i remounted the cooler i left the wedge in place(in case i need to remove again


You do realize Conductive antistatic bags are manufactured with a layer of conductive metal, often aluminum, and a dielectric layer of plastic covered in a static dissipative coating. This forms both a shield and a non-conductivebarrier, shielding the contents from staticcharge via the Faraday cage effect.

All it takes is a scratch or tiny puncture from one or three of the solder points and any electrical charge present on you from touching the bag or prior/previous capacitor charging now has direct conductive pathway between components, nullifying the Faraday cage.

The best way is an antistatic mat, or simply the box the motherboard was bought in. With Amd boards, the backplate is pre-secured by the included mounting blocks, just unscrew them and fasten the new cooler mounting system directly to it, or if the cooler has its own system, use that backplate and place it plate down on the box. Cardboard is not conductive in any way unless it's wet.