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Question Why is my SSD preforming so poor?

Why did you link to a picture of the page, rather than just linking to the actual page? : P


In any case, look at where the arrows are positioned in the graph relative to the curve of other users results. For your SSD, its nearly in the middle, meaning your results are typical. The "36th percentile" is simply saying that out of systems tested using that particular SSD, yours performs above 36% of them, but below 64%. The average benchmark for that SSD scores a 42, while yours scored a 39, which is pretty close to where it should be. It can be kind of confusing the way they present all those percentages though. UserBenchmark could stand to do a better job with that.

The CPU and GPU results do appear a bit low for that hardware though. Perhaps that's related to other programs running on your system at the time of the test, as the results mentioned there being 13% background CPU usage at the time. It might also be worth setting your RAM to run at DDR4-2666 speed in your BIOS, as that should be the limit of B360 motherboards. It's currently defaulted to 2133 speed, which could be limiting the performance of your other components a bit.