Why is my Windows Experience Index Score for my SSD low?

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Dec 21, 2011
I have a 128Gb Kingston SSDNow that I use as my boot drive, when I run the experience index it gives me a 6.0, I know this is low because other people on this forum have gotten high 7's

If anyone could please tell me the issue, thanks!

- Dan
The most common problem with low WEI score for SSD is the Controller is set to IDE mode.

Download AS SSD, open the program, do NOT need to run the Bench mark.
In the Upper left it will Identify the SSD, The firmware version, The driver (For your MB should be iaSTor, NOT ide). Will also show it the partition is properly aligned. (probably not if you cloned a HDD to the SSD)

Report back ,1(Also is the SSD on the Intel Sata III port? - Do not use the marvel Sata III ports for the SSD.
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