Question Why is PC Gaming so expensive?


Mar 15, 2012
So, I'm just wondering why pc gaming is so expensive now. I paid around $2k for a PC with an RTX 3060 and a Ryzen CPU and I'm just wondering, what does my $2k PC do better than a $600 console?

Let's just talk about the PS5. The PS5 can do 1080p 60fps with very good graphics, raytracing and even 4k 60fps in certain games. It even has 120fps support. So I just don't understand why my PC
that costs 4 times as much; barely does anything better than a $600 console. 60fps? $600 console can do that. 4k? $600 console can do that. 120fps? $600 console can do that. I just don't understand
why I need to spend $2k on a PC to get performance comparable to a $600 console.

PC gaming these days just feels overpriced. Why is hardware that barely does anything better than a $600 console so expensive? I don't understand.

So I guess I just don't understand why it costs so much to buy a gaming PC that barely does anything better than consoles that cost 1/4th of the price. I feel like A PC around $1000 or even $1500 should
easily be able to compete with consoles.


Mar 16, 2013
The PC can do so much more than a playstation or xbox.
Write a resume or term paper...PC.
Create or modify games...PC

The games and graphics for the consoles are designed for those specific platforms.
The PC is far more adjustable.

If ALL you want to do is play games, get a console.


Agreed, if all you want to do is pure, 100% gaming, then a PC is likely wasted.

Personally? No console exists that can display, let alone render the RAW files from my camera. Even my laptop struggles to do so.
I cant run Fusion 360 and do my dimensional modelling for 3d printing on a console.

Therefore, my PC is a workstation with the added capabilities of gaming on the side, about 70/30 split.
This is far cheaper than building a straight workstation setup and having a console on the side.
The key points between a PC and a console that would affect how much the consumer has to pay:
  • Consoles, at least from Sony and Microsoft, are sold at a loss. They expect to make it up via software licensing and subscription sales. PC hardware manufacturers have to sell their hardware at a profit. To note, the bill of materials for the PS5 is reported to be $450. This is just for the hardware and doesn't include any labor, packaging, logistics, etc.
  • Consoles don't really change over their life time (which is now approaching 10 years for a given generation), so production is simplified once all the kinks are sorted out. PC hardware manufacturers typically roll out something new every two years.
  • Consoles don't have to incorporate any interoperability with other hardware or whatnot, other than whatever USB doodads you want to add or storage upgrades you want to do. With PCs, you have other things to worry about, like RAM compatibility, expansion port testing, etc.
  • Console manufacturing can take a higher advantage of economies of scale more than PC hardware manufacturing, since consoles only have one configuration.
  • Console manufacturers also can secure manufacturing contracts to set a fixed price point for a duration of time. So even when the market value of certain items hits the fan, console manufacturers are not affected by it, because the contract prevents the manufacturer of those parts from going higher.
Also in your comparison, while yes, a console can do all of those, it also can't do it at the same time. If you want 4K 120FPS with HDR, a console isn't going to do this.
4K on a PC looks a lot different to 4K on console. The console does a great job for the price but it’s not comparable to PC. I do have a One X and a gaming PC and several games that I have access too on both platforms.