Question Why is the dedicated AMD GPU in my laptop performing worse than the Intel iGPU ?

Feb 28, 2021
So, I benchmarked my laptop in League of Legends and Valorant and I noticed that the Intel HD 620 was getting better fps than my AMD Radeon R5 M420 (or AMD Radeon HD 8500M). I have an i7-7500U (2.90 GHz) and 8 GB of RAM. Does anybody have any ideas why my AMD R5 M420 is under performing or is it just that bad? I have all my AMD drivers updated to the latest version too. I've benchmarked the games with my charger plugged in but when i unplug it there's no change in fps like fps drops. The Intel one was getting like 100+fps in LoL and the AMD one not even passing 30 fps. Is this a power issue or something else? Please help, I would really appreciate it.


Near as I can tell, the Intel is literally just faster.

Might double check temperatures, but that is about it.

The GPU has dedicated DDR3, but the Intel uses the system memory, so it is also DDR3. Intel should have the clock speed advantage under ideal circumstances.

Not really sure how well TMUs translates to Stream Processors. Apples to Oranges, by the numbers the Intel is smaller, but it may be more efficient. Also 28nm vs 14nm in favor of Intel, so performance per watt is probably well in favor of Intel.