Question Why is the speed capped at 90mbps on a dual band router ?


Mar 22, 2013
Hey guys.

I have a Dual Band router from my ISP ( Globe Fiber 300mbps ) model is AN5506_04F1A... problem with its 5G wifi is that its limited range could not reach my other room which is only 3 meters away from the door or 1 meter away from the wall. i didn't have the money to buy a mesh or an AP as of now. so i wanted to use my Linksys EA6100 Dual Band router to extend my 5G network to the other room connecting the ISP router to the Linksys router through Ethernet cable. so i connect to the linksys 5G wifi from the other room but problem is speed seems to be capped at 90mbps. so i removed this ethernet cable from the Linksys router and connected it to my PC on the other room and it showed 200mbps. but its the same cable earlier connected to the linksys router from the main router. so it really is the linksys router constrained to the speed of a 2.4Ghz wifi connection instead of a 5G connection. i tried to bridge this router but still the same speed. i even tried a setup where my PC would connect wired to the linksys router and its still capped at 90mbps. so just removing the linksys router from the setup gives me the right speed. the problem is that my target is for my cellphone to get 5G connection to the other room.

any help is greatly appreciated.
thank you very much
You linksys router only has 100mbps ports. Do you need more than 100mbps on wifi for your phone?. Pretty much high bandwidth is only used for downloading large files and it is not like you have huge amounts of storage space on the phone.

If you want to run your PC using ethernet I would place a small 5 port gigabit switch inbetween. You will still be limited on the wifi but ethernet devices should be able to use the full rate.
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