Why is there no voltage control?

I opened MSI Afterburner to overclock my hd6850 to about a hd6870 standard. I heard that it was easy so I thought I would give it a try. I tried to overclock to 1Ghz, but it crashed right away. I went down a bit, 920Mhz still crashed, but nor right away. I thought my problem was from the card not getting enough volts. I went into MSI Afterburner and was hoing to change volts, but I could not move the voltage for some reason. I opened the settings and turned on voltage control. It gave me a message to restart MSI Afterburner, so I did. When I opened Afterburner, there was no difference. Why? How can I change this? If you need anymore information I would be glad to help.
Your HD6850 needs to support voltage adjustments. As far as I know XFX, MSI, ASUS, and Sapphire are the only ones (no one really buys the other brands except for powercolor).

Have you tried enabling it in the .cfg? Go to Afterburner's installation location, open the .cfg, and you'll see a few obviously-named settings. Change from 0 to 1.


There might be BETA versions of the msi afterburner that support the new 6xxx cards.
There is this that a 6850 owner is o/c with.........
Every card is different. Some cards get 900/1100 core/mem at stock volts. Some need 1.2v for that. Some can't even get that high.

However it's safe to say the highest you want to go is 1.22v. That should allow for mid-900's on every card for core.


Oct 19, 2011
Sorry to bring up an old thread... I recently got the XFX HD 6850 Black Edition. I can OC it to 950 / 1200 on stock voltage. Any higher and I probably need to increase the voltage. Problem is, neither Trixx or Afterburner will let me. Anyone have any idea why? Not sure if this is related or not but recently I found out my motherboard will not support manual adj or CPU voltages either. Any tips would be appreciated, thanks.

You should probably just start a new thread when they are this old. We would be glad to help you on a new thread. :)