Question Why is this computer not turning on ?

Jan 21, 2021
I have an old desktop brought from Philippines to canada and have sat in my room for a year and a half it was working in PH tried today after it was brought from PH a year and half a later and it wont turn on.
Specs as much as i can tell
Cpu: i5 5th gen i guess its 3rd gen like what the asrock website says support lga 1155
Motherboard: asrock h77pro4mvp
Ram: g.skill ddr 1600 4gbx2
Powersupply: seasonic semi modular 550 ss-520gm
Graphic card: hd7750 sapphire

Pushing powerbutton, does absolutely nothing

I have another desktop that works, will call this desktop 2 with generic power supply.

Tried powersupply from desk1 into desk 2 and it works lights and fans and everything. And does not turn off so the PS should be good from desk 1

Tried powersupply from desk 2 into desk 1 it turns on for a split seconds then turns off and it does not turn back on unless i unplug it and try again but only for a split sec again. Also tried changing the battery on the motherboard as you can tell by the mobo this is an old system

What could be the cause of this? Im thinking its the mobo. If it is the mobo can anyone suggest a qualitish cheap mobo.

Please help
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